Dear Online Business Owners...

ADS are not an investment.

Marketing Strategy is.


You will never rely on ads again.

Let me show you...

👇 This is an example of a marketing strategy. 👇

It's a blueprint, for earning $$$ without ad-spending.

It costs $0,00 per month - and makes millions

The best part? You only need to develop it once.

I've done this countless times

I know exactly what you're struggling with.

That part is over. You've found the solution.

Woke up to zero emails?


There is a way of getting unlimited customers with no ads.
spoiler alert: you need DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY

Did you ever believe


  • SEO is slow
  • digital marketing is difficult
  • you can't get customers without ads
  • having a WordPress website is enough
  • marketing strategy is expensive

... all lies.


The right way to do business online:

Marketing Strategy, by digital marketing specialist

Come on a call with me and tell me your current goals.




*results in 60 days or your money-back guarantee*
*results in 60 days or your money-back guarantee*
*results in 60 days or your money-back guarantee*
*results in 60 days or your money-back guarantee*
*results in 60 days or your money-back guarantee*
*results in 60 days or your money-back guarantee*
*results in 60 days or your money-back guarantee*
*results in 60 days or your money-back guarantee*

My Services

Tailored to specific use-cases

$50 to $1.500

"Business is slow"
Give me a hand"

  • You know what you're doing.
  • You know what you need.
  • business audit
  • email marketing campaign
  • lead generation
  • digital tools setup
  • spam protecion
  • conversion rate optimization
  • web / landing page
  • consultation

... and much more

$1.400 to $4.800

"We're losing money"
"Give us a blueprint for the entire company"

  • You're not sure what you're doing.
  • You don't know what you need.

Complete blueprint of how to run your online business.

Tried and tested

  • Where your customers are coming from
  • How your websites are set-up
  • How all of your channels are linked
  • Are you getting the MAX value out of your customers?

and more...

I will create a digital marketing strategy specially tailored to your business.

starting at $4.500/mo

"It's affecting my marriage."
"FIX the entire thing in 60 days"
  • Take care of everything, please.

I will manage your online business completely.

CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer.

I will run your online business - just tell me where you want to go.

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase customer retention
  • Reduce ad-spending
  • Enter new markets

... and more

Did you know ?
You could be spending weekends with your family.

My quick results:

*Case studies coming soon*

Launch: 50 sales in 30 days - SEO ONLY

I created a landing page and a SEO keyword strategy for an unreleased pharmacy product.

We forgot it was there and it made 51 sales.

In two months we started hitting results only from the organic search.

NO backlinks, NO ads, NO social exposure, NO email marketing.

Incredible 20% conversion rate for free.

1600 registered users in ONE email campaign

A platform for 3D artists and architects RENDERNINJA gathered 1600 new users from only one email campagin.

That's like... infinite ROI

NO ads, NO social exposure, NO SEO, NO backlinks

First 20 days: 20 conversions *ORGANIC*

My client targeted a popular, but niche keyword.

We started getting results right away

I made them a landing page, AMP optimized landing page, highly-aggressive SEO strategy, and...

NO ads, NO social exposure, NO backlinks, NO email marketing

How it works: the process

1. Research and analysis

Review the current business processes, budgeting, conversions, and ongoing campaigns


2. Strategy and top-level decisions

Design a custom strategy for your business and make an executive decision about the direction.

3. Implementing and testing

Implement the strategy step-by-step and test before and after each step

4. Predictable growth

A big bump at first, then a gradual increase in traffic, revenue, conversions...

Some of my projects

$2,5M case study *coming soon*


3D model webshop for architects and interior designers. It included top-notch designed interior and exterior scenes with complete architectural drawings as well. is a platform for free logopedic advice and diagnosis for parents who can't afford visits to logopedic professionals.

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Hypefy is a platform for automated influencer marketing. They find influencers and connect them to businesses via admin dashboard. Popular niche and a difficult customer segmentation made this one challenging.

Showprowess is a platform for educating product managers, providing career track-record and managing employment. They have an in-house algorithm for professional vetting of product managers. A very niche and unique product.

Coming soon*

About me


Hi, my name is Eris Margeta Kurdali and I'm the founder of ERIS DIGITAL marketing agency.

Based in Zagreb, Croatia - I've decided to follow my passion for digital marketing and I've left my already established business and all of my clients to start something new.

I'm an ex-interior designer / 3D artist turned to digital marketing - I know how people feel before they think. Simply put, I know what people like. Whatever you may think - this is the main thing that makes me an expert in digital marketing.

I've been a part of many successful online businesses in the last 12 years - either my own or as a partner. Now, I'm sharing the recipe.

I know what people like.

Still looking not sure? Send me an email.

Tell me what's on your mind and how can I help you...



HOW MUCH do the individual digital marketing services cost?

In order to keep things clear, I have removed the price list from the homepage, but you can find those prices by visitting my -> Digital Marketing Services Shop.

Can you explain your service packages better? Which one is the right for me?

My service bundles are meant to be simple, hence the lack of detail. There are A LOT of services going into each one so I've categorized my services by use-case and value provided to client.

------- ✅ LEVEL A - SINGLE OR MULTIPLE DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES: For those who already have some expertise in digital marketing and running an online business.

You know what you need to do and where you're going with your business. You lack time, people, or high-level expertise in certain tasks so you hire me to do a specific thing-or-two for you. This mode is the cheapest and you can find some of the services in my ->SHOP

------- ✅ ✅ LEVEL B - MARKETING STRATEGY: For those that are running an online business and have either encountered a problem, or would simply like to grow.

You've somehow managed to get this far, but things have changed. You have a lot of people now, different departments... You need an expert to give you an in-depth analysis of all the processes in your company - and you need a detailed blueprint on how exactly to run your business. That blueprint is called marketing strategy. It gives you a detailed roadmap for each of your departments and all of your employees. There is nothing more refreshing than having and expert with outside perspective give your business an overhaul from the ground up.

However, there is one key difference from level C.

On this level I'm giving you the blueprint - the knowledge and the experience condensed into a document, but I'm not responsible for the execution. You can hire me for individual services and some of them will come bundled-in with the package, but overall execution of the strategy is in your hands - or your CMO's hands - if you have one. (and didnt fire him yet)

------- ✅ ✅ ✅ LEVEL C - CMO-AS-A-SERVICE: This is for business owners that have more important stuff to do such as capital management, growth, M&A, opening other companies or dedicating their time to health and family. (or are simply burnt out or stuck)

CMO-as-a-service stands in place of you actually having to hire somebody on a full-time salary. CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer. This mode of operation is the best of both worlds. You get the expertise and management level without paying a full-year salary, especially in downturn periods.

This is a welness treatment for your business. In this bundle I will approach with everything I've got from the very start. You receive will the service of the highest quality - no detail will go unnoticed. In this mode -I'm responsible for everything.

I'm responsible for reaching KPI's, managing budget, other employees and the entire influence of marketing department. As a CMO, I will perform a detailed audit from the inside of the company (physically, if possible), lay out my findings, and together with the other executives - choose the best way of implementing the new marketing strategy. After that, I will execute the blueprint bit-by-bit until we reach our KPI's.

As a CMO, I will be responsible for managing the team and will report directly to the CEO. Getting to know the team takes some time and sometimes results in friction so entering the company usually goes best if the CEO introduces the new person as someone from the department who will then take the lead from the bottom-up.

WHO are my services for?

Online business - They can be:

  • Startups
  • Web Shops
  • SaaS companies
  • Agencies
  • Local brick and mortar stores who decided to expand to the internet
  • Freelancers that scale up
  • Professionals that carry a personal brand. A celebrity chef, singer or a digital marketer.
  • Small and medium enterprises that either do business on the internet by default, or are scaling to get new customers or to enter a new niche
Do you offer payment plans?


For amounts over $2,500 you can pay in 2 or more instances.

We can also configure a payment plan depending on your business' current financial standing. I'm not here to be a burden, I'm here to solve your problems.